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Campsite shop


The campsite shop is open every day from 12 April to mid-September. Located at the campsite entrance, the shop offers a wide range of products.


On-site, you can purchase:

  • Bread and pastries (baked on-site), fruit and vegetables, dairy products, cold meats, ice cream, frozen food, cold drinks, wine, aperitifs, ice blocks
  • Newspapers and magazines, regional products and souvenirs (soap, caramel sweets, galette biscuits, regional wines and spirits…)
  • Beach items (parasols, beach games, swimwear…)
  • Toiletries and cleaning products, electric adaptors (mains to caravan)

Open every day: 

July and August: 8am - 9pm

April, May, June, September: morning and evening (see times displayed)