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Site gallo-romain du Fâ


18 km away from the campsite, the Fâ archaeological site in Barzan, houses the remains of a prosperous town with a significant economic role in the Gallo-Roman era.


A fun archaeological adventure

After 2000 years of mystery, an important Gallo-Roman port and town in the 1st to 3rd century AD reveals part of its secrets to us today!

The temple, theatre, alleyways, houses and warehouses have been uncovered gradually. These findings reveal an animated town full of activity.


See more information on the Site gallo-romain du Fâ.

What to see and do at the Fâ Gallo-Roman site

  • A modern interactive museum (restoration, objects found...) and a pathway through the baths and the surrounding area of the temple, fully restored, and giving visitors an understanding of the size of this former city
  • Activities adapted for all ages enable visitors and families to understand the history of this exceptional site and the work of archaeologists
  • Activities and special visits for families, guided tours in English
  • Living history events with workshops, combats, games...

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Photo credits: Fâ Gallo-Roman site © C. BAUDOT - © O. CHANOIT