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Les Grottes de Meschers


Meschers sur Gironde is an exceptional tourism site 5 km away from the campsite.


Troglodytes caves and a rich past

Known for its caves dug into the limestone cliffs containing troglodyte dwellings, Meschers sur Gironde offers breathtaking views over the Gironde Estuary.

Originally created by nature, these ‘cavities’ in the cliffs were enlarged by people and, by the 19th century, had become troglodyte dwellings. Some of the caves are still inhabited today.

The cliffs were alternately home to pirates and smugglers. They were a haven for protestants. They served to control and defend the entrance to the Gironde river. They provided shelter for fishermen and open air cafes during the Belle Époque.

What to see in Meschers sur Gironde

  • The Grottes de Matata are part of the caves dug into the heart of the limestone cliff 65 million years ago. The museum installed within the former cave dwellings enable visitors to discover life in the caves from prehistory to the 19th century.
  • The Grottes de Régulus caves are named after the French warship ‘Régulus’, which, in 1814, went down off the coast of Meschers to escape the English fleet. The visit enables you to imagine different people who have lived in these surprising dwellings. You will hear about Cadet le Naufrageur (the ‘ship wrecker’). According to legend, he used to mislead ships by lighting lanterns carried by a ram. The ships would crash into the rocks. Cadet would plunder the shipwrecks and he is said to have obtained treasures that have never been found!

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Photo credits: Cliffs and carrelets - CMT17 © MC. CHENE / Grottes de Régulus - OT Royan © Ph. SOUCHARD